ACH Processing

ACH Processing

ACH or Automated Clearing House processing electronically processes batches of financial transactions, debit, and credit. For credit transfer, it could include direct deposit, payroll, and vendor payments. For debit transaction, it is available for consumer payments such as insurance premiums and mortgage loans These transactions can even be recurring.

While new payment processing methods are taking certain stage today most especially with the advent of internet technologies, ACH processing still covers a huge chunk of the market. The reason is simple - many patronize ACH processing as it allows them to get paid faster, it is more convenient, and provides improved security.

Swipebox ACH Payment Processing integration with Sage Electronic Check

Swipebox ACH Payment Processing solutions provide an easy integration with electronic check solutions such as the Sage Electronic Check. If your business is to use Sage Payment Solutions, Swipebox can give you seamless integrations with the platform. You can rest assured that you get a payment processing system that works efficiently, while protecting your business from check fraud. Our system makes accepting checks in-person, online, or by mail easier, so you can save time, money, and skip those trips to the bank to make deposits.

Here's more about Swipebox ACH Processing integration with Sage Payment Solutions

  • You have a batch payment solution that processes one-time or recurring charges
  • A system that accepts checks as easy as credit cards, with Sage Point-of-Sale check conversion
  • Allows you to deposit checks electronically with Sage Check 21 or Remote Deposit Capture - a process of recording an image of a check that is transmitted electronically

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