Everything you would expect, plus some extras

Start accepting USD, CAD and many international currencies based upon your processor integration(s) – did we mention we have 150+ of them?

Now you can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club and Apple Pay.

Beyond your standard gateway

  • Got An Internet Connection? Then Ring ‘Em Up!
  • Over 150+ Processor Integrations and 175+ Shopping Cart Integrations.
  • Choose your Transactions’ Path with advanced load balancing directives.
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Learn about Low Processing Rates through SWIPEBOX.

4 Core Features of SWIPEBOX.


Manage Multiple Merchant Accounts under one roof

Board and manage multiple MIDs with your gateway account so you can consolidate reporting, manage branches, organize products, etc.



Shopping Cart Integration

There are multiple ways to incorporate swipebox within your website or mobile application. Works with several well-known shopping carts that allow merchants to accept credit cards through their website.



Accept Multiple Payment Types

Whether you want to swipe credit, key-in cards or even process checks, it can all be done via their browser from anywhere.



Fraud Prevention Tools

Our fraud-scrubbing tool, iSpyFraud, is a rules-based, real-time monitoring solution that can help merchants detect different types of suspicious transaction activity—before it costs them.



Choose the Swipebox gateway plan that fits you

Use Swipebox with your current processor. Do you need one? We got you covered.