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August 14, 2017
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What You Need To Know About Terminated Merchant File
August 29, 2017

HSA FSA Card Processing Debt Collection

If you have a debt/payment collection business particularly serving the health industry, then it is imperative that you have a payment gateway, merchant account that processes HSA and FSA card. The first stands for Health Savings Accounts, which pay for qualified medical expenses for account holders and their dependents; the latter stands for Flexible Spending Accounts, which are established by employers and funded by employees to be used for qualified medical expenses in pre-tax dollars.

Here are some benefits of HSA FSA Card processing debt collection:

  • Efficiency debt/payment processing as it eliminates the need for manual collections
  • PCI compliance so customers can rest assured that payment information is processed securely
  • All transactions are processed electronically through networks with multi-layer of security
  • HSA, FSA Card processing debt collection also means accelerating the availability of funds
  • Costs are reduced particularly those charges associated with paper check processing
  • All payments can be accepted/managed through a single portal
  • Capability not just on payment processing, but generating useful reports as well
  • Added convenience for customers as it increases their payment options, which could also result to better performance for your business

When choosing a payment gateway provider, here are some tips:

  • Find the best by listing a number of options; the internet is a good jumping-off point for research
  • Find one with the most competitive prices/charges for service
  • One with seamless processing system that can easily be upgraded or interfaced with different platforms
  • Find one that provides professional customer support

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