Credit Card Processing Headshop

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September 15, 2017
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Credit Card Processing Headshop

Businesses belonging to what is commonly called ‘the high-risk industry” such as headshops usually find it difficult to get a merchant account for their credit card processing needs. The reason is simple, many of merchant account providers simply do not want to be associated with such businesses ; dealing with some restrictions and federal laws are seen to be the primary reasons.

If you are establishing a headshop business online, and if you have been denied of merchant account for credit processing, no worries as all is not lost. There are merchant account, payment gateway service providers that cater to the type of business you have – Swipebox is one of them.

Here’s why Swipebox is the right choice for credit card processing for headshops

Uses the best virtual terminals. Swipebox understands that you need the best virtual terminal that the industry can offer, so we have partnered with some of the best virtual terminal providers so that we are able to give you one that processes payment securely and efficiently, with interface that is easy to use, allow batch management and recurring payments.

Seamless processing system. You will have a credit card processing system that works seamlessly across different devices, flexible for third party platform integration and upgrades. Swipebox offers a state-of-the-art interface to provide you with real-time reports and features that enable you to track sales. In addition, you’ll have a credit card processing system that is compliant to the industry standards.

Low processing rates. Let’s admit it, price is the main factor when deciding which one to choose for credit card processing. Swipebox is among the companies you can find around having the most competitive prices while not compromising the quality of service, customer support.

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