High Risk Internet Payment Gateway

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October 9, 2017
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High Risk Internet Payment Gateway

There are certain businesses (both online based and those with physical stores) that are considered in the industry as high risk. For instance, those that are based overseas or businesses that offer products and/or services that border to illegal oftentimes are marked as high-risk. Such categorization presents some challenges for such businesses, particularly when it comes to finding a payment gateway that can process payments efficiently and accurately.

The reason why it is a challenge because they are unable to secure a standard account with most acquirers. The good news is, there are still merchant account service providers that can be relied upon to address the need of these particular businesses – Swipebox is among them. There is what we call high risk internet payment gateway that is aimed at catering to these businesses.

What are the odds that your business might be considered a high-risk account?

  • When there is high instance of chargebacks
  • High instance of fraud
  • Your business is offshore
  • Products and services border on the illegal
  • When marketing tactics are questionable

How to choose a provider of high risk internet payment gateway

If your business belongs to the high-risk accounts or has been denied by a merchant acquirer in the past, find a provider that has…

  • High-risk account specialization – This will ensure that the one you hire understands the nature of business you have and knows what your business needs when it comes to payment processing
  • State-of-the-art machine – This is important to ensure the payment gateway installed for your business delivers efficient, accurate payment processing results.
  • Competitive pricing – High-risk merchant accounts can be a bit more expensive, but, thankfully, there are still quite a number of providers that offer competitive pricing -Swipebox is among them – that you can take advantage of.
  • eCommerce support – This is imperative most especially that your business provides an online facility to process payment. An e-commerce support can greatly help not just in the aesthetic aspects of your online business website, but provide a platform that is functional and friendly to users.

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