Comparison Criteria to Find the Best Payment Gateway (Stripe vs vs Swipebox)

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October 16, 2017
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November 5, 2017

Comparison Criteria to Find the Best Payment Gateway (Stripe vs vs Swipebox)

If you are running an online business that offers products and/or services, then having an online payment gateway set up is a big help to be able to allow customers process their payments online. But the challenge is, you need to find a payment gateway that delivers just what your online business requires. How do you choose one?

Stripe, and Swipebox are two different payment gateways that offer cashless payment processing system for your online business. The question then becomes, which one is the best? Well, the best way to find that out is to make a comparison. And to do that, the following list of criteria can help.

Your would-be criteria to find the best payment gateway

  • Customer experience (can be gathered from users/business experience)
  • Pricing model (how do they bill/charge you?)
  • Technology integrations (applications that can be integrated into the system – which one is more flexible?)
  • Support (is it 24/7? Which media they use for support – phone, ticket, live support, etc.)
  • Referral from prominent clients (when a payment gateway is used by a prominent/reputable business, that particular payment gateway is most likely has high reputation)
  • Language supported (the more flexible the payment gateway is, the better it is for businesses with global customers)
  • Product / service package they offer (as payment gateway can be delivered in a bundle of package)
  • Features of their payment gateways (what other feature or features that the service provider is offering for your business?)
  • Social metrics (this is another good indicator about how reputable your prospect is as a provider of payment gateway; checkout their number of followers, likers on facebook)

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