Here’s How Your Company Can Improve its Collections Process and Save

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January 8, 2018
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Here’s How Your Company Can Improve its Collections Process and Save

Stating that credit card processing services are worthwhile to collection agencies is an understatement. That is because, in today’s economy, it is pretty easy to see that card processing abilities are crucial for a company’s success. If you are running collection agency without the capacity to process credit cards, accepting payments other than cash will be a lot difficult.

The truth of the matter is, a big chunk of consuming public is used to paying with credit cards. Why shouldn’t they be able to use them to make payments to your collection agency? Here at Swipebox, we pride ourselves as a provider a top-notch collection process to support our clients’ business needs and goals. We provide a service of making payments as simple as possible for our clients, who entrust their payment system on us.

Not only do collection agency merchant services bring in more payments for your business, they they are done in a much faster pace as well. This happens in two ways: (1) when customers make payments much earlier on and (2) those payments actually go through quicker. Faster deposit times means faster cashflow for your business.

In the world of merchant accounts, we know collection agencies experience some level of complexities in the processing of payments. Swipebox offers the solution for such complexities for you to have a peace of mind. Remember that credit and debit cards are the preferred payment options of many people, but there are still times when checks are favored. That’s why having Swipebox is an important payment option to have since it has a complete payment solution – even for high-risk business.

A lot of debt collectors have a hard time finding processors they can rely on and work with in the long term. Let Swipebox put your mind at rest. “Our experience with hundreds of debt collection firms provides us the knowledge and understanding most firms fight – high processing rates and increasing payment times.” – Kellen Tallada, CEO.

If you have had your merchant account shutdown or denied an account in the past, it may be because you haven’t found companies, like Swipebox, that have experts familiar with collection agency merchant accounts. We specialize in high-risk acquisitions when most banks feel that collection agencies are too risky. We are FDCPA complaint and are familiar with the regulations involving debt related services.

Start accepting USD, CAD, and many international currencies based on your processor integrations today. Now you can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club and Apple Pay!

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