Omni-Channel Acceptance Methods

Payment Gateway Solutions for Every Environment

Gone are the days of merchants selling in one environment. To be successful, merchants must do business where their customers prefer to buy from. Our Omni-channel payments enablement platform can help your merchants accept payments in any environment, whether it’s e-commerce, retail, MOTO, mobile or an integrated solution – Swipebox has you covered.



We have the tools and services for your merchants to accept almost any kind of payment online. Using the NMI payments enablement platform, you can offer 150+ Global Processor Connections and support a growing list of 175+ Online Shopping Cart Integrations. It’s the perfect solution for accepting credit, debit and electronic payments online.



Brick and Mortar

Brick and mortar merchants can use our SwIPe Point-of-Sale application along with the compatible card readers to start accepting card present payments.



On the Go

Enable merchants to take their storefront with them wherever they go. With our iProcess application made for Apple and Android devices, they can accept credit and debit card payments on their phone or tablet no matter what their location.



Support for New Payment Types

Accept Apple Pay In-App Purchases using iOS mobile applications and give customers another payment option at checkout.



Who Needs A Card?

Accept payments over the phone and through mail order by manually entering the payment details into the Virtual Terminal. Have a whole bunch of transactions that need to be processed? We’re confident it’s nothing our Batch Processing tool can’t handle.



Payment Enable Your Software

Pass the Payments Enablement on. Our Gateway and Mobile APIs give merchants full customization and control over accepting payments within their mobile applications and software.


One Account To Rule Them All

Merchants can process payments, manage transactions and generate reports on all of their payment processing activity from within one payment gateway account.


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