ARM/Debt Collection Solutions

ARM/Debt Collection Solutions

The First Payment Platform Built for Collecting

Swipebox is a leader in providing collections industry with state-the-art payment processing solutions. Our system has been designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, offering an array of payment options, capable of expediting the collection process, and therefore more opportunity to maximize business success.

What makes ARM/Debt Collection a standout?

Accepts payments 24/7 - Swipebox ARM/Debt collection system securely processes payments anytime through a variety of options - online, call center, IVR, or through an integrated software solutions.

Comprehensive solutions - The system can be integrated to popular legal and collections software, including Simplicity, Debtmaster, DebtPayPro, Collect!, Collect!, MARS, Collections MAX and more.

Efficient and accurate process - Seamless processes make up our system, so you can work on your portfolio with higher efficiency, resulting to a higher return on investment as well as improved client satisfaction.

HSA card acceptance - Improve your case close out ratio with your medical and healthcare partners by accepting HSA cards as payment.

We offer the following payment services

API Bill Payments - Allows you to process payments within your existing collections software through a fully integrated solutions

IVR Payments - Our Interactive Voice Response bill payment system gives debtors with a self-managed and secure automated phone payment system, which is accessible 24/7 without an agent. This is available in multiple languages.

Online Billing Payments - As more and more customers are buying products and services online, we offer an online payment system that is proven effective and efficient to cater to this market. Swipebox understand your business needs; thus, we offer a comprehensive payment system that enable debtors to pay anywhere, at anytime as long as it is connected to the internet.

Risk Management - Swipebox understands that collections agencies need a higher level of security for payment processing, so we have our system ready to address this need. Swipebox High Risk Merchant Accounts payment system has been put in place to cater to this type of business.

Virtual terminals - Swipebox Virtual Terminal allows merchants to swipe credit, key-in cards or even process check that can be done using your favorite web browsers, which you can do it anywhere for as long as you are connected to the internet.


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