China UnionPay Acceptance

Looking for a payment processing service provider that accept China UnionPay cards? You have come to the right page. Swipebox is proud to cater to businesses that are in need of a payment gateway integration that can accommodate China’s sole bankcard organization.

China UnionPay by the numbers:

  • Accepted by over 170,000 ATMs
  • Enjoyed by 1.18 million merchants in China
  • 40 financial institutions issuing local-currency UnionPay standard cards in more than 30 countries and regions
  • 500 million active Chinese internet users generating e-commerce sales
  • 2.8 trillion dollar sales in 2015
  • 5 billion UnionPay cards have been issued globally
  • Accepted in more than 150 countries and regions

Here’s more important facts about China UnionPay cards

  • UnionPay cards are issued with Chip and PIN, making them more secure from unscrupulous transactions.
  • Through the foundation of UnionPay International, the brand has built partnerships with more than 300 institutions worldwide
  • The processing cost for UnionPay debit and credit card is similar to Visa and MasterCard

How Swipebox can help your business with China UnionPay

Whether you are running a local store (aka bricks-and-mortar) or purely an e-commerce website (or even a business that is considered high-risk), you can rely on Swipebox’s payment gateway and merchant account management services. We provide seamless integrations for payment processing across different channels / acceptance methods.

By adding China UnionPay into your preferred methods of payment for customers, we can help you access more than 3.5 billion UnionPay credit and debit cards now in circulation.

Contact us at (720) 277-0648 for more inquiries on payment processing with seamless integration for China UnionPay acceptance.


For more inquiries on our China UnionPay Acceptance, contact us at (720) 277-0648