Collect! - Credit and Debt Collection Solutions

Introducing Collect - Your Ultra-flexible debt collection software designed for easy integration and customization for efficient and seamless collection processing, helping your business grow.

Why go for Collect!

  • Easy to use. You can get an operator started in less than two hours.
  • Flexible / Customizable. You can easily integrate it with your existing software and add more functionality as your business grow.
  • Packed with useful features. From first content to last payment - all of the processes are automated.
  • Can be tested right away.

Collect!'s features:

  • Comes with a quick Dial feature that interfaces with in-house phone systems
  • Security and control features at per user and per portfolio levels
  • Automates workflow strategies and targeted actions
  • Allows user to dial right from the debtor screen, converting the time lost in manual dials and misdials.
  • Optimizes and automates inventory management.
  • Features performance metrics and analytics to measure success and proactively identify strategic issues.
  • Compatibility with related industry products

Why use Swipebox for gateway integration

The integration of Swipebox payment gateway with Collect! (or for any debt collection application for that matter) makes your credit and debit collection system more efficient as our system can work seamlessly with a wide array of collection solutions today. It can significantly improve low processing rate, which is a common issue experienced by many credit and debt collection agencies today.


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