Collection Agency Payment Processing

Collection Agency Payment Processing

State-of-the-art payment processing technology along with our experience in customer service gives you an edge in a highly competitive marketplace through effective and efficient Collection Agency Payment Processing (ARM Collections) - what you need for a highly-competitive account receivable management industry.

With Swipebox’s Collection Agency Payment Processing, you get a superior payment technology and customer service that is based on extensive industry knowledge.

Swipebox recognizes the fact that our clients are subject to varying compliance and regulatory obligations. With that, we make sure that we have these obligations met by creating a security, governance and risk management framework of policies, procedures, and standards that take effect for many years. Our reports and accreditations include PCI, SSAE-16 & HIPAA.

Benefits of ARM Collections payment processing:

  • Proven performance
  • Real-time payment authorizations
  • Flexible payment options, which make a smoother customer relationship with collection agencies
  • Unique combination of performance and usability
  • Dynamic code base for future enhancement adaptability
  • Flexible merchant service capability

Why choose Swipebox for Collection Agency Processing

  • Reputation backed by performance
  • Quality service from experienced team
  • Empowered by innovations
  • Professional support
  • Industry standard compliant

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