Frequently Asked Questions

1I have my own processing established. Can I still use the Swipebox Internet Payment Gateway?

Absolutely. Our PCI compliant internet payment gateway has integrations with over 100+ processing platforms. Let us know who you currently process with, we will contact them and help you setup the integration.

However, we also offer competitive processing rates. We would love the opportunity to beat your current processing rate! Ask us how.

2Do I have to use Swipebox merchant services if I sign up for the Swipebox gateway?
No. However, it is encouraged. Bundling our merchant services with our Swipebox gateway saves you time and money. Speak with a representative today and learn why.
3Can I use my current credit card terminal or POS system?
Although we encourage you to utilize our preferred payment devices, in most cases, we are able to work with your current credit card terminal or POS system. Please contact us to determine your current payment device's integration capabilities.
4Why have a traditional merchant account for my business vs. Square?
We have nothing negative to say about Square. It is actually a very good fit for small businesses who charge less than $5,000/month. To actually see the cost saving benefits of a traditional merchant account, a minimum of over $6,000/month of transaction volume is suggested.
5If I cancel my current merchant services to switch, will you subsidize our possible cancellation fees?
In most cases, we do not subsidize your cancellation fees. It will be our goal to provide you a processing rate savings that will offset the cancellation fees over time.
6What is Interchange, Discount Rate vs. a flat processing rate like Square?

Interchange Rate - This is simple. Every type of credit/debit card used at the time of transaction has it's very own unique processing rate we call Interchange. Find out the interchange rates here.

Discount Rate - This is the processing rate we as merchant services providers charge. i.e. Ignite Payments

Interchange Rate + Discount Rate = Total Processing Rate at the time of Transaction

Example: CPS Debit Transaction (0.80% + 15¢) + (0.65% + 10¢) = 1.40% + 25¢

Flat Rate - This is the total processing rate at the time of transaction. This rate is predetermine and does not change. i.e. 2.75% + 20¢ per transaction.

However, this Flat Rate has the interchange rate & discount rate embedded into this flat rate. It is not exposed.

7How long does it take to get my business up and running to accept payments?
Depending on your business needs, our typical online application approval process is 2-3 business days. There have been many cases where approvals have happen within 24 hours depending on merchant type. After approval,is when your device will be shipped using a Ground shipping option. This option may take up to 5 business days according to the shipping carriers. Expedited shipping is available at an additional cost. Access to gateway accounts will be immediately sent via email upon approval.
8My business is not located in the Denver Metro area. Can you still help my business?

Absolutely. We have the capability to work with all industries within the US. We ask you are understanding in that you may lose out on the benefits of being local... "office visits to drop coffee", "personal device installation" and that "one-on-one" local rep relationship, etc.

For Colorado Residents: We will drive out to clients as south as Colorado Springs and as north as Boulder.

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