Debit card processing

Online Credit Card Processing

A great chunk of consumers pays for good and services they buy through cashless transactions, specifically with credit cards. This just means that if your business does not accept cashless payments, you are missing a lot of opportunities for optimum business performance. However, part of incorporating a cashless payment processing system is to ensure that your merchant provider is one that offers not only secure but efficient system.

SwipeBox is the name you can trust for your debit card processing need. We provide reliable payment solution that is perfect for companies that have chosen not to accept credit or charge cards payments but are still interested in debit card processing.

Swipebox debit card processing solution offers the capability to present and receive bill payment online via a secured online channel through IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or through an agent, plus a rich interface through which businesses can manage debit card transactions.

Indeed, we can help you improve your bottom line through our debit card processing system by eliminating hassle, inefficient manual processes.

Here are some benefits why go for our debit card processing system

  • Offers efficient filtering of non-qualified card BINs
  • Card Not Present Payments (accept cardless and electronic payment transactions without violating credit/charge rules and regulations)
  • Integrates with Core Systems
  • Provides high level of security - No PIN required
  • Greener process as it eliminates paper checks and postage
  • Supports budget management
  • 24/7 payment processing
  • Authorization in real time
  • You get a dedicated merchant account, which consolidates debit card only balances
  • Include BIN blocker and dynamically updated table, which ensure that your system is up-to-date in industry standard compliance
  • Professional support, in addition to IVR system, online and voice support agent

For debit card processing inquiries, contact us at (720) 277-0648