Debtmaster: Efficient, Flexible Debt Collection Software

When it comes to debt collection software, Debtmaster is on top of the pack of brands that delivers value to your investment. With sophisticated workflow, which allows you to set rules and handle instructions for each type of debt in your inventory, you have a process that has the overall efficiency you need for a debt collection software. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can have a process that is tailored to specific creditors and debtors at one or more office locations.

Here are more things that the software can deliver:

Streamline collection process. Debtmaster comes with a pack of tools that allows you to control and optimize your agents' workflow and efficiency. With just a few minutes, agents can efficiently do and complete the collection process on an account, and be ready to take the next calls

Better reporting. Reporting is another important part of debt collection process. With Debmaster, you can generate meaningful and attractive reports to be shared with staff, management, clients and/or investors. With 50 built-in reports available and an ODBC interface for custom reporting, Debtmaster delivers top notch quality debt collection services.

Make the most of your accounts. Apart from software capabilities mentioned above, Debtmaster also features Client Window, that provides a user-friendly interface where account manager can review client demographics, recovery figures, and activity notes - with just a few mouse clicks.

Today, more and more businesses rely on Debtmaster for their debt collection software need. The system delivers an increased productivity for debt collection agencies, which a fact that is proven by track records.

Swipebox payment gateway integration with Debtmaster

Swipebox offers complete payment gateway solution that is flexible, compatible to lots of financial software applications available today, including Debtmaster. Our solutions work seamlessly with other application, addressing the issue of low processing and, thus, optimizing performance.


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