Health PAS Payment Solutions

Health PAS Payment Solutions

SwipeBox offers top-notch payment processing system for businesses in the medical industry. With our Health PAS (Payment Ambassador Service), your can have a flexible payment system to accurately and efficiently manage payments as or on behalf of healthcare providers.

How does Health PAS work?

There are three unique ways that the system offers to capture medical savings accounts (HSA/FSA) payments: (1) An extension of the healthcare provider having a dedicated merchant account owned by the provider; (2) A gateway only variation that points to an existing merchant account owned by a healthcare service provider; and (3) a hybrid system where a merchant account is opened by the agency on behalf of the health care provider (this needs a contingency agreement from an authorized health care provider)

Health PAS Benefits

  • Capture Medical Savings Account payments (HSA / FSA payments)
  • Card Not Present Payments (accept cardless and electronic payment transactions without violating credit/charge rules and regulations)
  • All mode of payments accepted
  • Core Systems integration
  • Proven and tested performance
  • Best of breed solutions
  • Real time payment authorizations
  • 24/7 payment processing
  • Get real time authorization
  • Innovative and reliable payment solutions
  • Supplying all channels of payment capture
  • Comprehensive payment solutions for medical business

Why choose Swipebox for Health PAS

  • Professional support that meet (and even exceed customer expectations)
  • Complimentary transaction monitoring
  • Industry compliance and payment expertise, including on-staff AAPS
  • Ongoing training program to enhance capability to provide better customer service

For inquiries on our Health PAS Payment Solutions contact us at (720) 277-0648