Healthcare HSA Payment Processing

Healthcare HSA Payment Processing Solutions

The healthcare system is one of the most complex in the industry. This is why a more comprehensive payment processing solution is necessary. One where each process component works accurately, seamlessly with the rest of the system to ensure efficiency and reliability of the whole system.

Swipebox is readily available to help your business with our top-notch healthcare payment processing system. With proven and tested process, collecting payment dues (past and current) becomes a lot easier for your healthcare billing business.

We offer a unique opportunity for you to expand your business billing and payment footprint with your hospital and physician accounts. Your agency can accept / process Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Payments without having to worry about inaccuracy and inefficiency. With us, you demonstrate the value of your service in the healthcare industry by allowing your agency to complete healthcare payment processing on behalf of a healthcare provider.

Here's more about our Healthcare Payment Processing Solutions:

  • Allows for payment plans for large balances
  • Provides first party, third party, early out payments
  • Consumer-centric solution (e.g. web portal, IVR, agent assistance)


  • Proven performance and usability
  • Comprehensive payment solutions (accept multiple forms of payments - different currencies, all types of cards)
  • Payments are processed 24/7 through online and mobile platforms
  • Payments authorized in real-time
  • More organized, centralized reporting
  • In-house team readily available for APIs deployment into your system
  • PCI, SSAE-16 & HIPAA Certified
  • Full quality assurance check and functionality testing to ensure system quality performance
  • Flexible merchant service capability
  • Dynamic Code Base for Adapting Future Enhancements
  • Supplying all Channels of Payment Capture

Why choose Swipebox

  • Reputation backed by industry performance
  • Quality service from experienced team
  • Empowered by innovations
  • Professional support

For inquiries on our healthcare payment processing solutions contact us at (720) 277-0648