High risk merchant account

High risk merchant account

Some types of businesses and industries are considered high-risk in the processing world. For instance, those that belong to the Cannabis Industry may find it hard to look for a good payment gateway that is secure and at the same time processes payment without having to suffer from restrictions, particularly coming from federal government.

Thankfully, there are merchant account providers that specialize in high-risk industry. Swipebox is one of them. Our high-risk merchant accounts platform has been designed to be more secure, efficient, and reliable. And we cater to businesses both from the US and overseas.

High risk credit card processing

It is important to note that while one credit card processing service provider might consider you a high-risk merchant, another provider might regard you otherwise. In addition, if a provider specializes in high-risk processing, then you have already won the battle.

Swipebox caters to high-risk accounts; our payment gateway has been designed to work seamlessly with other components of processing system. Our platform can be integrated to various payment methods - credit and debit card processing, web-based processing, mobile payment, among others.

Why a business might be considered high risk

  • High instance of chargebacks
  • High instance of fraud
  • Your business is offshore
  • Products and services border on the illegal
  • When marketing tactics are questionable

High risk business types

  • All sexual oriented or pornographic mechants
  • Airlines
  • Amazon, Yahoo or Google Store
  • Auctions
  • Bankruptcy attorneys
  • Casino, gambling, and gaming
  • Debt consolidation companies
  • Drug paraphernalia

For more comprehensive list of businesses and industries that are considered high-risks, or for more inquiries, contact us at (720) 277-0648