Hosted Payment Pages

Hosted Payment Pages - Click to see Sample Page

Hosted Payment Pages are provided for those businesses who do not have a website or want a unique website/page with their company logo or brand on it to that they can send their customers to pay invoices. This is advantageous most especially for merchants that do not have enough time and resources to fully take care of all the aspect of checkout.

Swipebox, together with our industry partners, can help you setup a hosted payment page that is custom designed for the type of business you have. We provide seamless integrations. We'll take care of all your payment processing system needs; you just focus on the driving-customers-into-my-website aspect of your business.

Here's how it works for your customers:

  1. Buyers visit your website or are sent an email.
  2. When they proceed to the link and are ready to pay, they are redirected to the hosted payment page where they can fill-in their billing information.
  3. After the transaction is complete, the payment processing system generates a transaction receipt (or the hosted payment page can generate one on your behalf)

Some benefits of Hosted Payment Pages

  • Can reduce merchant investment (as having a website that accept payments directly means that merchant needs to be PCI certified, which costs more)
  • More secure as buyers' billing information (e.g. credit card) are processed securely through the hosted payment page
  • Can reduce merchant liability as security standards for processing lie on the payment provider side.
  • Multiple payment options as merchants can accept different payment options offered by the payment processing service provider; here at Swipebox, we support various card brands and currencies.
  • Can be custom designed to suit best your business website, which is important in branding or name recall.

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