Rest API

Swipebox Api 2.0

The Swipebox rest api is awesome. You should use it.

Endpoint URL

The base url for the production api is:

The base url for the sandbox api is:

The hostname "" can be swapped out for any of the other gateway hostnames (see the High Availability Guide). During development, "" should be used. For more information on the development sandbox see the Sandbox Guide.

The "v2" refers to the api version and can replaced with an endpoint key. The api limits the number of api calls allowed per minute and per day based on this key. Using "v2" is fine for development and smaller merchant use cases, but could result in api rate limit errors for high traffic merchants. Larger merchants and developers should register their own software endpoint key in the Dev Portal. For more details, see the API Rate Limits section below.

Other features available with developer registered endpoints include the ability to restrict the use of the endpoint by IP address and list contact information for support. The endpoint keys are independent of the merchant api keys. An endpoint can be used with any merchant account.

Quick Example


curl -X POST
    -H "User-Agent: uelib v6.8"
    -H "Content-Type: application/json"
    -H "Authorization: Basic X1Y4N1F0YjUxM0NkM3ZhYk03UkMwVGJ0SldlU284cDc6czIvYWJjZGVmZ2hpamtsbW5vcC9iNzRjMmZhOTFmYjBhMDk3NTVlMzc3ZWU4ZTIwYWE4NmQyYjkyYzNkMmYyNzcyODBkYjU5NWY2MzZiYjE5MGU2"
    "command": "cc:sale",
    "amount": "5.00",
    "amount_detail": {
        "tax": "1.00",
        "tip": "0.50"
    "creditcard": {
        "cardholder": "John doe",
        "number": "4000100011112224",
        "expiration": "0919",
        "cvc": "123",
        "avs_street": "1234 Main",
        "avs_zip": "12345"
    "invoice": "12356"

This cURL request is an example of a merchant who is trying to charge a customer via a credit card sale.


  "type": "transaction",
  "key": "bnf17whjvqqpj2s",
  "refnum": "124444201",
  "is_duplicate": "N",
  "result_code": "A",
  "result": "Approved",
  "authcode": "147598",
  "creditcard": {
    "number": "4000xxxxxxxx2224",
    "category_code": "A"
  "invoice": "12356",
  "avs": {
    "result_code": "YYY",
    "result": "Address: Match & 5 Digit Zip: Match"
  "cvc": {
    "result_code": "M",
    "result": "Match"
  "batch": {
    "type": "batch",
    "key": "0t1k3yx5xs37cvb",
    "sequence": "1"
  "auth_amount": "5"

This is the sample response object sent back from the server.


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