Unit of Measure Codes

The following is a list of valid unit of measure codes that should be used when sending in line item detail. Unit of measure may also be sent as an ANSI x-12 code but not all units of measure are valid for level 3 commercial card processing. For example, if AC is sent, ACR will be used for level 3 but if AG is sent, EA will be used for level 3 because there is not an equivalent Angstrom um.

Code Description
ACR Acre
AMP Ampere
APZ Troy Ounce
BFT Board Feet
BHP Brake horse power
BHX Hundred Boxes
BLL Barrel
BTU British Thermal Unit (BTU)
BX Box
CEN Hundred
CGM Centigram
CMK Square Centimeter
CMT Centimeter
CS Case
CUR Curie
DAY Days
DLT Deciliter
DMK Square Decimeter
DMQ Cubic Decimeter
DMT Decimeter
DWT Pennyweight
DZN Dozen
DZR Dozen Pair
EA or EAC Each
FAR Farad
FOT Foot
FTK Square Foot
FTQ Cubic Feet
GBQ Gigabecquerel
GGR Great Gross (Dozen Gross)
GLI Gallon
GRM Gram
GRN Grain GB, US (64,798910 mg)
GRO Gross
GRT Gross Ton
HAR Hectare
HGM Hectogram
HLT Hectoliter
HMT Hectometer
HTZ Hertz
HUR Hours
INH Inch
INK Square Inch
INQ Cubic Inches
JOU Joules
KEL Kelvin
KGM Kilogram
KMK Square Kilometer
KMQ Kilograms per Cubic Meter
KPA Kilopascal
KWH Kilowatt Hour
KWT Kilowatt
LEF Leaf
LTR Liter
MBR Millibar
MCU Millicurie
MGM Milligram
MHZ Megahertz
MI.T Milliliter
MIK Square Mile
MIL Thousand
MIN Minutes
MMK Square Millimeters
MMT Millimeter
MON Months
MQH Cubic Meter Per Hour
MTK Square Meter
MTQ Cubic Meter
MTR Meter
NEW Newton
NMI Nautical Mile
NTT Net Ton (2,000 LB).
PAL Pascal
PK Package
PTI Pint
QTI Quart
RPM Revolutions Per Minute
SEC Seconds
SIE Siemens
TNE Metric Ton Kilograms
VLT Volt
WCD Cord
WEE Week
WTT Watt
YDK Square Yard
YDQ Cubic Yard

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