Application Keys

The Application Keys page on your merchant console displays the source key of every transaction processed from a mobile application device, vTerminal, QuickSale, and an ePay Charge software. Your list will automatically be updated, whenever you process transactions from a different application. To access your Application Keys, click on ‘Settings’ from your side menu bar then select ‘Applications’ on the drop down menu.


Your Application Keys home page displays a list of your Application Keys with the following details:

  • Name
  • Assigned Application Key
  • Status: Disabled or Test Mode
  • PIN
  • Duplicate Transaction Handling Status: Fold duplicate if ALL transaction data matches (F), None (N), Fold duplicate if card # and amount matches (M), Fold duplicate if card #, amount, order ID, and source matches (O)

Rearrange Your Table

By Default, your Application Keys are arrange by name in alphabetical order. If desired, you can rearrange this table the name of the Application Key, its unique key, status: Disabled or Test Mode, PIN, or the Duplicate Transaction Handling status. As an example, to rearrange the table by the Duplicate Transaction Handling, click on ‘Dupe Folding’ at the top bar of the table. See image below.



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