Interactive Voice Response System

Interactive Voice Response System

Swipebox Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is hosted 24/7 agentless telephone payments. It is a payment processing solution that lets caller to transact/interact with an automated telephone-payment system to make ACH (Automated Clearing House), Debit and Credit Card payment processing round the clock.

Swipebox's IVR payment gateway can be accessed via a toll-free number or can be routed from your telephone system. Upon reaching the IVR gateway, callers are presented with pre-recorded call flows and scripts - some of which are custom recorded and others are pre-built to ensure optimum usability, efficiency, and corporate-brand continuity. Payment processing through IVR made easy via touch-tone prompts and account-data validation.

Benefits of going for Swipebox IVR payment solution

  • Helps improve the control of finances through efficient self-service
  • Receiving immediate payment verification and reviewing balances
  • Reduced expenses as inbound payment calls can be self-managed
  • Payments are processed round the clock
  • Payment flexibility, which is essential in building a smooth customer relationship
  • Call center agents can dedicate their time and energy on other servicing issues
  • Greater scalability that helps reduce (if not totally eliminates) on-hold times
  • Reduce errors through automated services
  • Rapid deployment by outsourcing service
  • Flexible payment options - checking and saving accounts, card payments
  • A consistent, customized cash-flow script is utilized to underscore brand continuity
  • Available for multi-lingual presentations
  • Multiple data integration options
  • Call-transfer login is utilized for error-and-exception handling
  • Secure and protected data environment
  • With full integration with Swipebox's suite of payment processing solutions

For inquiries on our Interactive Voice Response payment solutions contact us at (720) 277-0648