International and Offshore Payment Processing

International and Offshore Payment Processing

With more and more merchant payment processing options today, most especially with the advent of internet technologies, a lot of businesses have the opportunity to achieve more growth, including those who are based overseas. Indeed, offshore merchant services and online credit card processing solutions such as what we have here at Swipebox, hurdles the supposed geographical limitations. Today, our payment processing solutions provide businesses the opportunity to reach much wider markets, even if their prospects are offshore.

The challenge of online payment processing

Lots of businesses in the US are establishing an online presence through e-Commerce platform. However, many face the challenge of setting-up their online payment and credit card processing system. With strict rules and regulations on acquiring domestic merchant accounts, it is difficult for small and new eCommerce merchants to get an online payment processing solution from domestic merchant account providers.

Swipebox provides the solution

Despite the difficulty in acquiring merchant accounts from domestic service providers, all is not lost for small and new eCommerce merchants who need secure and efficient payment processing solutions. The answer is offshore merchant services & credit card processing - efficient, effective, and is easy to obtain.

Here are some of its advantages:

  • Since offshore merchant services are not in the US local competition zone, merchant account providers and processors are not affected by the constant battle to be ‘elite’, which is common in the domestic fronts. That is the reason why we, as offshore payment processing providers, are able to keep prices down and availability to a maximum.
  • In contrast with local merchant accounts, which need a security deposit of several thousand of dollars, an offshore one doesn’t.
  • Credit card processing fees are not subject to high taxes, since offshore banks are generally located in a different country
  • Offshore merchant accounts and credit card processing provides the advantage of being able to accept multiple currencies, which is very important in dealing with global customers.

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