Flexible, Modern, Secure Cloud Collection System

The most affordable, full-featured, and service-backed cloud collection system for your business.


Powered by secured cloud technology. With our cloud collection system, you need not to worry about lapses in data security. It works with TECH LOCK auditing, embedded disaster recovery and automatic system back-ups. You can rest assured that MARS will always have you covered.

Flexible and Robust. MARS has been engineered for full enterprise performance and flexibility. Rest assured that the system works seamlessly with Swipebox payment gateway or the current system you have and on upgrades.

Reliable Support Service. Swipebox understands that the key to a successful collection operation is not just the technology used but also the necessary client support. We see to it that our support team is readily available to address any issues and concern from clients. It is included in our collection solutions.

MARS Key features

System Integration. The MARS system is fully integrated with various letter vendors, dialers, credit bureaus, and skip-tracing tools.

Compliance. The system is easy to set-up, can be custom designed to ensure compliance across your organization.

Can be accessed anywhere. Because the system resides on cloud, you can run your business from anywhere, anytime you wish. MARS is a truly browser-based software and no application needs downloading or installing.

Why Choose Swipebox for MARS integration

We at Swipebox believe that the best collection systems are not defined by state-of-the-art software alone; support from a professional team provides a key contribution as well. Whether you are presently using a premise-based software or planning to migrate to cloud, you can rest assured that we're here to assist you every step of the way.

With optimum flexibility and adaptability, you'll appreciate the use of our system - the way it can help your business process.


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