Payment Solution for Cannabis Industry

Cashless ATM for Cannabis Industry

Processing a 'cashless' payment is quite a challenge for businesses that belong to the high-risk industries. That includes the Cannabis Industry. For one, the federal law prohibits the use of credit card processing and merchant services for this type of business. For another, some businesses owners are turning to illegal bank transactions, risking not only their business but their customers as well, considering that their information might be compromised.

Swipebox understands the plight of many businesses that are considered as high-risk. And so we offer a payment gateway that is not only safe, but a legal solution as well - PIN-based merchant accounts.

PIN-based merchant account in a nutshell

A PIN-based merchant account, also known as Cashless ATM, works like common ATMs. However, it does not have cash inside; instead, it produces a 2 part script receipt for the account holder doing the transaction. One part is for the customer's copy; the other part is used to take to the cash register to be acknowledged as good as cash as payment for good or services they buy.

Several advantages of setting up PIN-based Solution:

  • Merchants do not have to pay any processing fees (unless they choose to cover the surcharge in behalf of client)
  • It is safe and secure and it works just like a cash ATMs
  • Paperwork is minimal and approval rate is 100%
  • Most credit and debit account work for as long as they have a PIN
  • The merchant makes money on each transaction; because it is cashless, it is guaranteed no hassles, no higher security risks
  • PIN-based payment processing machine takes up very little space and can be set up right on your counter, by the cash register
  • Swipebox supports a wide range of needs, including those high-traffic golf courses, driving ranges, and training providers.
  • It helps increase customer loyalty; customers will learn the convenience of PIN-based transactions

Swipebox - the top choice for PIN-based merchant account

We have helped many high-risk businesses in the past address their payment processing system needs. If you belong to the Cannabis Industry, rest assured that Swipebox can provide what you need for your business. Our PIN-based merchant account solutions can be set-up without having to undergo complex processes. We help you every step of the way of establishing a payment solution that is credible, reliable, and affordable.


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