Simplicity Collections Software

Simplicity Collections Software

As the brand name suggests, Simplicity Collections Software is considered one of the simplest collection softwares available in the market today. It is particularly engineered to help big and small business alike. So, regardless of the size of your business, you can rest assured that this software can deliver your debt collection service needs.

Here are some of its notable capabilities:

  • Allows you to take full control over how to collection agency software works for your business
  • Affordable yet sophisticated system; it ensures that your collection cases never fail through cracks
  • Allows you to manage unlimited number of employees
  • Allows you to manage unlimited number of clients
  • Unlimited number of cases
  • Books are not needed

Legal Services for small business

It is important that you consider the legal counseling a system can provide for your business when choosing a collecting service for use in small business. Simplicity is here to deliver that need. The system was carefully designed to cater to the ever-changing legal regulations for the small business arena as well as debt recovery. Think of having your own personal legal attorney on call with the best collection of resources and strategies when you have the legal services of Simplicity. Truly, the system makes financial tracking effective and efficient, which help make your business process a lot easier.

Swipebox payment gateway integration to Simplicity Software

Swipebox offers complete payment gateway solution that is flexible, compatible to lots of business software applications available today, including Simplicity Collections Software. Our solutions work seamlessly with these applications, addressing the issue of low processing and, thus, providing you the best payment processing performance that the industry can offer.

We help you move your data

If you are concerned about the security of your collection data and the longevity of your current software provider, no worries. We help you move your data - whatever platform you are currently using. We will help you import your data to a new, modern, and web-based system, which is helpful as you address your ever-changing needs.


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