Vape/Online Headshop

Vape/Online Headshop

Running an online head shop and sell legal products such as Bongs, Hookas, Glass Water Pipes, and Vapes? If that is so, you will be needing a high-risk credit card processing system. Swipebox can provide you this solution. Our system has been designed not just to provide a reliable credit card processing, but to give you the right credit card processor that fits your business.

Swipebox is your ultimate solution as it works with the banks in the whole United States and overseas. It accepts any major credit card payments that your customers use to pay for the products you sell in a retail space or through the internet.

More reasons to use Swipebox payment processing system for your Vape / Online Headshop

  • Offers affordable credit card processing solution that will support your company today and in the future, sans paying an excessive amount per transaction.
  • Accepts consumer payments in various options. For instance, you should be able to accept consumer payments in a brick and mortar store, on the internet, via phone or even through the mail. Whether you are just starting out with your head shop or have been in vape shop supplies for so many years, you can rest assured that our payment solution offers the flexibility in terms of the ways you can accept credit cards securely and in efficient manner.
  • Assures your company of our credit card processing solution’s compliance with the credit card associations’ standards (VISA, MC, AMEX, etc). And, we can facilitate and give the support you need without charging you extra fee!
  • Provides a state-of-the-art user-interface to give you with real-time reports and features that enable you to make the tracking of sales in the easiest way possible.

Indeed, having a quality credit card processing solution is an integral part of any smoke shop because, after all, you need a reliable tool that is capable to quickly and safely accept and process payments from customers - even if it belongs to a high-risk industry.


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