Virtual Terminal for Online Credit Card Processing

Virtual Terminal for Online Credit Card Processing

With the rise in number of consumers buying through the Internet, it makes sense to establish an online credit card processing system that is secure and built on efficient virtual terminal. Swipebox is here to deliver your virtual terminal system need.

Swipebox virtual terminals are web alternatives to physical credit card terminal or Point-of-Sale (POS) systems. These are software applications housed online, which can be accessed and used anywhere, anytime from any internet connected web browsers. They allow online credit card processing by inputting a customer's credit card information directly into an online facility - a web-based payment platform - that is utilized to process online payment transactions.

What are the benefits of Swipebox Virtual Terminals

  • Real-time authorization and credit-line hold; after the transaction has been authorized, there is minimal risk of return other than the chargeback rights of the cardholder
  • Automated payment collections
  • Efficient reporting; our virtual terminal system allows merchants to process and complete an array of different reports
  • Designed to handle recurring billing; system allows merchants to enter the names of customers for recurring billing
  • Flexible billing periods; merchants have the option to charge customers on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis

Why Swipebox Virtual Terminals

  • Tested and proven performance
  • Comprehensive payment solutions for your business web-based payment processing
  • From an innovative and reliable developer
  • Professional support
  • Industry standard compliant

For inquiries on Virtual Terminal for online credit card transactions in Denver, CO, contact us at (720) 277-0648